Saturday, June 5, 2010

Now THAT'S what I call a Friday Night!

To my Austinites and to those reading from far far away, let me tell you: last night the foodies were OUT and we celebrated rightly. 

Whether or you were aware, yesterday was National Doughnut Day. My co-workers and I formulated a plan to hit the town for dinner and doughnuts to properly acknowledge the day. We went to Gibson Bar and Gourdough's.

Both places serve their food out of trailers (VERY common in Austin. There are entire trailer parks that are just restaurants--GOOD restaurants at that!). Both venues had amazing food that makes you go SERIOUSLY? THAT? That's what I'm going to eat?

Yes, yes I did eat that (we shared, don't judge):
1. The flying pig: a doughnut w/ bacon on it and maple syrup glaze
2. The most amazing grilled cheese ever: also with a fried egg on texas toast
3. The buenos dias: A hot dog wrapped in bacon with cheese and a fried egg
4. The son of a peach: a doughnut w/ peach filling, drizzled w/cream cheese icing
5. The miss shortcake: a cream cheese filled doughnut w/ sliced strawberries on top

Gourdough's is a must for people visiting Austin: eclectic, ridiculous, fun, food served out of an airstream trailer, BYOB, and great tasting treats!

Photo credit to Mike Sutter with the Austin Statesman blog "forklore":


  1. i miss you.

    what's a girl got to do to qualify for a blog spot over to the left? :)

    thanks for blogging. it makes me smile.

  2. Yum! Talk about a delicious night out! Can't wait to see what this week holds for the foodie crew :)