Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ok. We're ready for you now.

This spring flew by --work really made me sideline the whole pregnancy gig until the last month or so. Now I'm unquestionably pregnant - to myself and to strangers. The pregnancy waddle/moans when I stand up are more noticeable, sleep comes in shorter spurts, and the comments about how close I HAVE to be to delivery from anyone and everyone. 

I have noticed one thing - strangers are so nice to pregnant women. In general, everyone smiles at me at the grocery these days. Everyone! I haven't really had any strangers try to touch my belly (just friends - and I'm fine with that). 

Side by sides I should have posted before (since I'm now way past this point): 

12 and 28 weeks: 

17 and 32 weeks:

36 weeks:

I'm now at a whopping 37 weeks and ready to meet Baby Boggs! To quote Joel from last night - yeah. Anytime now. I think we're ready. We hung pictures, washed clothes, folded tiny onesies, packed the hospital go bag, packed the diaper bag, packed Joel's to go diaper changing kit, Joel built an Ikea side table, I hemmed curtains and made a crib skirt out of the extra curtain fabric, and I arranged and rearranged stuffed animals and diapers. 

Not finding out the gender has been such fun. The chance to have friends (and strangers) guess the gender. Funny- early in my pregnancy, overwhelming majority of guesses were for GIRL (other than Joel). Now - almost all the guesses are for BOY. 

A peek into Baby Boggs' nursery. I'm not big on themes or accent walls or anything restrictive, really. So I found a light light aqua paint color that Joel and I both liked, kept the crib we were getting from Joel's sister in mind, and picked pieces of furniture and art that I thought would be functional now and later. I love the room. The paint color is light and soothing, the stuffed animals we've been gifted from showers look like they were purposefully chosen to match the room, and the art from Etsy gives the room a bit of life (Minneapolis Skyline Watercolor and the Yellow Bike). 

I have felt so loved and encouraged during this pregnancy by my community of friends. My Connection Group ladies threw a baby shower complete with a table of my cravings (citrus juice with stripey straws, apple fritters from Mel-O-Glaze, rhubarb anything, fruit), prayer, and fun games. I completely spaced taking any pictures at the church shower!! 

My work colleagues also threw a beautiful shower when I headed back to the DSM office. We did a fun baby picture game, ate great food, and more than anything - just enjoyed getting to be around such fun friends. My mom and sister got to join that one too! 

The latest baby event was a Diaper Shower / Baby-Q co hosted by my bestest best friend Steph/Her husband Jon and Joel/myself. Beer was flowing, diapers and wipes were generously given, food was plentiful, and neighbors stayed til Midnight. Again - I only got before and after pictures, none during. What a bummer! We had a great turnout of Joel's co-workers, our community group, family and neighbors. What a fun night! For any expectant parents - I HIGHLY recommend the baby-q/diaper party idea. Co hosting with close friends was perfect so Joel wasn't tied to the grill and I wasn't the only one watching the food inside. It was a relaxing night to hang out with friends - no agenda, no pressure, open house style. Baby is SET on diapers for at least a few months (I THINK a lot longer than that, but I don't want to make a first time mom over estimate). 

 We're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our newest family member. We have big dreams for this little soul. We're praying for patience, rest, lots of laughter, grace with one another, and exceeding joy during this transition. 

The closer I get to meeting this little one face to face, the more sappy and prayer-focused I've become. I realize that this child is not my own. God is the creator and giver of life. He is the one who has the power to breathe physical life into baby's little body and to breathe spiritual life into our baby. Joel and I can do everything within our power to have a home that reflects Christ but without God opening our baby's eyes to the truth, our efforts are in vain. 

So pray with me and with Joel for our baby. For him or her to become a mighty vessel for the use of Christ. For God to move in his or her heart at a young age and to powerfully raise up Baby Boggs to be a part of the next generation of his kingdom. For God to give Joel and I the knowledge, humility, and grace to parent in a way that points our child to Jesus and reflects Kingdom glory to other families around us.