Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glass Case of Emotions.

Sad. To see the end of 180. To say goodbye to the girls I've grown to love.
Proud. Proud of my Older brother. Proud of him for finishing his Seminary classes. Had a blast getting to go to his graduation lunch.
Stressed, but accomplished. Seeing projects come to fruition under my care. Managing crisis situations. Finally starting to understand what I'm doing at work.  Learning to balance the have to do now list and the can wait til later list.
Empty. Painfully aware of how much I need Jesus. Seeing how often I THINK I have things under control, only to see them spiral away again. Those scary idols I thought I was rid of? They still come back. My need for security? My hate of dependence on others? My desire to have control? My elevation of money to the point of danger? Me. Getting in the way again. So good to reminded of my Need of Jesus.
 Longing. Longing for the day when there is no more hunger. No more pain. No more need for people to pack boxes of food for starving people around the world. I was so moved by the experience helping with Meal from the Heartland. The promo video they showed at the beginning before we served made me cry. The statistics of starvation are staggering. It made me ache inside and want so badly to get my niece and nephew HOME from Africa. The girls in the picture are another answer to prayer. Friends from my new Connection Group. The Sarahs.
 Thankful. For answered prayers. A while ago I specifically prayed for at least one friend at work. God provided. Her name is Amy. She is my cube-mate. And she is awesome.
 Delight. In creating new delicious treats. In making something beautiful. In sharing them with others.