Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Busy season is upon us: Work, holidays, winter doldrums, and the usual suspects. 

This year we have a few more things keeping us busy! 
We're in the process of buying a house. As long as all goes as planned, we'll close on February 27. We're very excited about the new house. It's in a great location a little North and East from where we currently are in Minneapolis. To make the home even more special - it's only 2 blocks from where one of my best friends in the world lives! 

The second big ticket item keeping us busy is the prospect of being parents! I'm due July 15th with our first baby. 

cravings: apple fritters (so strange), oranges, runny yolk eggs, sandwiches
aversions: salads, coffee, super salty foods
gender: we're team green!! Not finding out til the delivery room

I still wasn't feeling like I looked pregnant -- then I compared two 'bump' pictures where I was wearing the same sweater. I'm convinced - the bump is real! First pic was taken at 7 weeks, Second at 16 weeks.