Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Summertime

The day finally came! After the epic paper chain countdown at work -- I got to see Joel. My co workers were so fun to celebrate the happy day with me!! Joel and I spent all of Memorial Day weekend together. Fun times including his cousin's wedding, two different days out on the water (I got up wakeboarding!), finding some new favorite restaurants in Minneapolis, brunch with my best friend Steph and her husband, and a 3:30 AM trip to the airport to send me off on my next program.  
Mary and I spent 16 days in sunny Puerto Rico for our program. I was super thankful to be paired with such a fun co-worker for such a LONG trip! We made it through unscathed. We were both DEFINITELY ready to be home once the trip was done. 
When I got back from my trip -- Joel and I had another weekend together! I'm getting spoiled with all of the together time this summer. No complaints here -- I'll soak it while I can. He makes wakeboarding and wakesurfing look a LOT easier than I do. He's a pro! 
BIKE RIDES! What? I like bike riding?! Yes, I do. Most recent favorite thing has been the Taco Tuesday ride. It's a nice 16-17 mile round trip ride from the South side of Des Moines to Cummings, IA. The special treat?! Fat Tire beer on draft and Tacopocalypse tacos as a reward. 
I had no idea that Thursdays at Jasper Winery were such a big deal--but they are! I went with friends and saw the crazy lines of cars waiting to park. 
More Bike Rides. We survived (BARELY) the WAR Ride from Waukee to Redfield and back. If you know me at all, you probably know that I don't do so well in super hot/humid weather. Add my longest bike ride to date to upper 90s weather with a head wind? Yeah - those 39 miles felt like 80! Having a boyfriend that can ride like a pro a few short weeks after getting a road bike is good for my pride. I definitely took a long nap after the ride. Fun bonding time with Joel and Helzer, though.