Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cupcakes from Jesus and other great things

  1. the movie "How to train your Dragon" -THIS MOVIE IS EPIC! I loved it! My best friend was visiting from Minneapolis...we were planning to see another movie, but it was sold out. We "settled" for dragons. OH MAN-we were (okay, more me than steph) GIDDY with the film. It was so whimsical and fun. The soundtrack by John Powell is also very fabulous. Tons of soaring and flighty melodies. Do yourself a favor--DON'T watch the preview before it. I think the reason why we loved it so much is that we had NO idea what to expect. Kid friendly too!
  2. the band Alpha Rev from Austin... I heard them at the Music for the City Album 1 Release show at La Zona Rosa a few weeks ago. I love their sound--very friendly for windows down summer driving.
  3. the anticipation of things to come...the road trip with my mom back up to the midwest, the job I don't yet have, the new apartment I'm sure to find, a new city, possible summer international travels
  4. cupcakes from Jesus- these are little happy things that happen day to day. For example, random stranger saying they like your dress at a gas station. Or a guy from a wedding emailing you a the week after the big day saying he saw you smiling at him and wished he'd have said hi at the wedding. Or pretty flowers you got a chance to smell in your office (they didn't even have to belong to you!). Recognizing simple pleasures in life that make life a little sweeter: cupake, and the giver is the one that gives everything in this life: Jesus. Thus, cupcake from Jesus.
  5. having a pink nose from time spent outside at the pool, at bbqs, and enjoying the SUNSHINE!
What are things you're loving lately?


  1. My new job...in the 5th week of it. And my clean apt....the Christmas decor was finally put away last night!!!

  2. Susan--LOVE IT! There's nothing like a clean apartment...mine is NOT right now. Thanks for sharing!