Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A snapshot.

Roy Hession, We Would See Jesus
This book is rocking my world. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a solid read. More than anything, I love that it's making me think and pointing me to Jesus. The book talks about one thing commonly missing in faith stories today is an ardent passion to see God. Talks about how we see people pursuing holiness with the desire to do service FOR God, rather than pursuing holiness to SEE God. Also talks about how we pursue this great feeling or experience with God rather than God himself. "Both these ends fall utterly short of the great end that God has designed for man, that of glorifying Him forever. They fail to satisfy God's heart and they fail to satisfy ours." 

All About Worship Collective 

For a bigger heart for this city. 
For God's eyes to be given to me to see Des Moines as He does. 
For the politicians and authorities of this country. 
For the health of my nieces and nephews and their safety in making it home soon -- for my sister's baby girl to be born and my brother's kids to make it through the grueling adoption process. 

Eager expectation for what God is doing with the young professional demographic at Westwind Church. 
Thankful for the stirring in my soul to CARE more for people around me. 
Needy- realizing how quickly I place my worth or daily temperament in feedback or praise from people. Seeking to turn my eyes upward to the One who can and will fulfill every desire and need if my heart. 
Vulnerable because I'm happy. There's seemingly so much more to lose when you're soaring. The blessing and curse of being a passionate person that feels deeply. 

In seeing new parts of Des Moines - via bicycle, kayak, car. ALL SORTS of ways. 
In making new friends. 
In sharing the day to day joys with co-workers and family. 
In loving life. 
In having so much that I have been delighting in that I don't know where to start. 
In fall quickly approaching. 
In Trader Joe's simmer sauces. No really- they are SO GOOD. Go make a curry - I dare you. 


Friday, August 3, 2012


I watch this and am just amazed. Such talent. Stripped down, beautiful music. Wanted to share.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Life, Truth, and Pictures

I'm loving Des Moines a lot. 
I've made some awesome friends here - we do things like trivia, bike rides, movie nights, worship etc. It's pretty grand.
I've become a somewhat avid bike rider. Most recent addition to my mania are shoes with clips and the special pedals. I've only completely bitten it once. I came away unscathed, other than my pride.
I'm surviving and thriving at work. My team rocks and I'm still alive.
I have a new neighbor. Has allergies - I can hear his sneezes through the walls. It's quite annoying. 
I've made 2 of 3 baby quilts for nieces/nephews on the way. They turned out really well. Pics of the newest below.
I'm finally getting truly plugged in at Church -- recently went to a women's event, have some solid relationships with people around me, and finding ways to serve.
I went on my first "vacation" using paid time off in a long time -- it was so fun and good for my soul. I went with my sister and parents down to Clearwater Beach, Florida.
The Lord continues to blow me away with His provision, timing, humor, and presence in my life.
In short, friends - I'm blessed.

A prayer that is my prayer as of late from my favorite devotional ever -- Valley of Vision:
 The Gospel Way
No human mind could conceive or invent the gospel.
Acting in eternal grace, thou art both its messenger and its message, lived out on earth through infinite compassion, applying thy life to insult, injury, death, that I might be redeemed, ransomed, freed.
Blessed be thou, O Father, for contriving this way, Eternal thanks to thee, O Lamb of God, for opening this way, Praise everlasting to thee, O Holy Spirit, for applying this way to my heart.
Glorious Trinity, impress the gospel on my soul, until its virtue diffuses every faculty; Let it be heard, acknowledged, professed, felt.
Teach me to secure this mighty blessing; Help me to give up every darling lust, to submit heart and life to its command, to have it in my will, controlling my affections, moulding my understanding; to adhere strictly to the rules of true religion, not departing from them in any instance, nor for any advantage in order to escape evil, inconvenience or danger.
Take me to the cross to seek glory from its infamy; Strip me of every pleasing pretence of righteousness by my own doings.
O gracious Redeemer, I have neglected thee too long, often crucified thee, crucified thee afresh by my impenitence, put thee to open shame.
I thank thee for the patience that has borne with me so long, and for the grace that now makes me willing to be thine.
O unite me to thyself with inseparable bonds, that nothing may ever draw me back from thee, my Lord, my Saviour.

And a photo dump to cover the last few months of life...

Connection Group Women.

BIKING FRIEND! And just life friend.
Women's Event for Church
Newest Baby Quilt for my sister's baby!

Bianchi - Italian for AWESOME
I love self portraits.