Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Batch one of Happy Iowa Things...this will be added to as I fall more in love with this season at home.  

1. Hickory Park
2. My crazy family (this picture is from Christmas 2008, but it depicts us perfectly)

3. Hammock
4. Weather that allows for outdoor running at the end of June
5. Strangers that compliment you (this has now happened three times since Saturday)
6. Green grass that's great for barefoot walking
7. INSURANCE! yay praise--I was able to get put on my Dad's ISU insurance policy. No lapse in coverage either! 
8. DOLLAR MOVIE THEATER! How to train your dragon just made it to that theater--the fam is going to have to have a night out on the town. 
9. Cornerstone Church - a house of worship with great teaching and chuck full of friends I still need to meet. And hey, it still has the word 'stone' in the name!
10. Diet Mountain Dew in soda fountains / fountain drink machines at gas stations. I could NEVER find it in Texas! 
11. FIREFLIES! I never saw them in Texas...they twinkle every night in Iowa!


  1. Hey not one corn field shot. Yay. I've never been to Iowa. But in the last couple years have become acquainted with Iowans.

  2. Iowa people are great. I've found there to be stark contrast between people in the south and people in the midwest: people in the south are polite, where people in the midwest genuinely want to be KIND and get to KNOW you.