Tuesday, May 21, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Jesus continues to remind me of his faithfulness. 
  • Seeing Melissa be pregnant (with TWINS) and now waiting with my brother for the two adopted kiddos after years of waiting and praying. Crying out to God to answer -- he was answering. in HIS time. 
  • In my moments or days of doubting if I can handle a long distance relationship -- He reminds me that no, I can't - but HE can. A long distance relationship will continue to stir fear, insecurity, and loneliness every moment I focus on ME. When my eyes are on Christ as my fullness, Christ as my future, Christ as my timeline, Christ as my identity, Christ as my goal -- then my fears or aches to know what's coming fade. I know that my future is to pursue Christ. That is more than enough. It's a lesson in learning to loose my grip on knowing all and leading my future and letting Joel lead us. It's laying down my pride and my fear of what is to come, and trusting Joel to lead me through it as we pursue Christ together. 
  • Spring is finally here. Well - kind of. Spring sort of got left by the wayside with the MAY snow storm and quick ushering in a week later of 90 degree temperatures. Even if it's delayed, even if it's not by my timeline, even if it makes me laugh--- the season do change. They come when the time is right for the creator of the universe. He is faithful. 

The last month in pictures: 

Site visit to Cancun

So beautiful!! 

I could get used to this...
Work fun
Wine and Canvas- fun, moderately stressful for  'type A' folks (read: all of my coworkers and me)

Helped throw a bridal shower for a co-worker -- hosted at my apartment. 
Sangria station!!

The lovely bride is on the right - Jess! 

Epic baking fail...but I got a new oven out of it!! It pays to take lots of pictures -- my cupcake failure picture helped convince my property management company that my oven really was broken. 

Wedding weekend for aformentioned co-worker


Baby shower for my sister in law and a weekend of family fun. 

59 days of waiting to see Joel...my countdown is now at 3 more days. I'm VERY ready to actually get to see him in person and hug him. I'm so thankful for technology that has allowed us to keep talking /seeing eachother / texting / video messaging etc throughout this season apart. It has caused a few semi-awkward moments (what? Me? no I'm not taking awkward selfies repeatedly -- I'm actually sending a video message to my boyfriend. I didn't see you on the sidewalk. I usually check for other people so I don't have an audience.). 

There are only 3 RINGS left on my "days til I see him" paper chain countdown :) 
Flowers from him. They came the day of the snowstorm (see next picture)