Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Review

Since we last spoke:

I moved into a duplex with a friend. Living alone for a season was fantastic -- but Sara and I are a great match. Having a person to do life with and come home to has been great. 

I went to the Cayman Islands for work.

I said yes to "officially" dating a wonderful guy I have been talking to and spending time with. His name is Joel.

He moved to Minnesota.
He has driven down to see me and me up to see him a few times. It's hard - but we're figuring it out. One Skype call and care package at a time.
During one of my visits to see Joel, I got to spend some time with my bestie. 

Had a visit from my sister and niece.

I went to Hungary for work.

I took an extra week off after the work portion and went to Austria then back to Hungary.
I saw my sweet friend Jen for the first time in a few years (in Austria...then we traveled together to Hungary. WHAT?! Who arranges a rendezvous in Eastern Europe? We do, folks. We do.
I had a Birthday. 27 to be exact. Celebrated once in Budapest with my co-worker, then again in Vienna with Jen. 

For the record: the top item from my someday list? CONQUERED! Highlight of my trip was seeing an orchestra perform in Vienna on my birthday courtesy of Jen.

My life is delightfully full. My cup runneth over.