Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bad Attitude

My bad attitude ruined today's baking adventure. 

The challenge: make one gluten free apple pie, one gluten/dairy/soy free cran-apple pie, and one normal pumpkin pie. 
What I didn't think about before embarking on said adventure: pie crust ingredients=flour, water, butter or shortening (shortening has soy in it). In other words, I need to magically make a pie crust out of funky tasting flours and make it stick together with something other than butter.

I broke a plastic bowl. I slammed it against the counter. I was smashing the pie crust back into a ball for the 4th time since I couldn't get it to stick together or roll out. Then I burned my hand grabbing the pie out of the oven (oh hey self- a glass pie pan coming out of a 375 degree oven will be HOT). And I was just generally quite frustrated. My impatience made the process aggravating instead of just challenging. 

Everything ended up turning out okay-the realization was that gluten free pie crust WON'T taste exactly like standard pie dough. But it WILL come together and be special. Even if it's a failure, the fact that I tried is what matters to my food intolerant mother. The apple and pumpkin pies are still in the oven, but the cran-apple one just came out. 

So. What did I learn from today? 
1. Make a pot of coffee before starting something of this magnitude. I had no coffee today. Bad news. 
2. Use less coconut flour/coconut oil in the gluten/dairy/soy free pie. The coconut oil gives things a funky aftertaste
3. Use a foil tent on gluten free crusts- they burn even more quickly than regular pie crusts. Watch carefully! 
4. Recognize the whole process as an act of love. Look at that person. Love them through baking with a good attitude instead of getting mad. I failed at this today (SORRY MOM!). 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Old draft, same truth.

I found this draft of a post I started from 7/10/2010
I hate the cycle that I'm in
My heart hurts.
I just don't really know what to do with my life right now.
That's all it was. I guess I couldn't quite get the words to come all the way out and didn't feel like that was sufficient to be a blog post. Funny how I found that today. I think that post is true today, kind of. I hate the cycle of disappointments, yet I know why I risk. I hate that my heart hurts, yet I know that the aches make me ::stop:: and realize that I need Jesus more than anything. And I really don't know what to do with my life right now, but I know who to trust in. His name is Jesus.