Saturday, May 29, 2010

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Preparing to leave Austin is proving to be even more challenging that I was expecting. I have so many deep and amazing relationships here. I ADORE this city. I thrive in community with people that share big dreams with me.

My first instinct is to pull away from everyone here. To tuck away in my apartment, finish my few weeks at work and just leave.
Goodbyes are hard. Having to actually face the reality of leaving stinks. Pulling away makes the pain seem less searing. Retreating from community numbs the hurt. These people have been such a huge part of my life. I can't do that to them. I love them. I love the roles they have played in my time here. I want to SAVOR the last weeks here. I want to laugh with them and cry with them and pray with them. I still want to dream with them.

So onward I go. Into the coming weeks of tears and laughter. Lots of see you laters and bittersweet goodbyes. My sweet friends, know that this time isn't easy for me either.


  1. 1. i didn't know you had a blog.
    2. You're moving? Where?
    3. We are moving too! To Grand Rapids Michigan (g-rap as I affectionately call it).

  2. 1. The blog is still pretty new! I decided to go for it with all the changes in my life right now as a way to keep in touch with friends.
    2. Yes, moving to?? Ha. Not sure quite yet. As of now first choice is the twin cities--if not there, then Indy or Chicago.
    3. I HAD NO IDEA! When are you guys moving?? How fun to be closer to your families.