Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Misplaced Hope

We just started a new series at church on the book of Revelation. My friend Sarah and I were talking about what heaven will be like following connection group this past Sunday. Mid-sentence, I had a big whoa moment. I was thinking about the level of excitement I had in that dream/imagination state pondering aloud with Sarah about Heaven and the returning Savior. The euphoria and anticipation. Then I thought about the level of anticipation and LONGING I have during this phase of "waiting" to hear back about my interview. I compared the two:
Heaven: I don't need a callback, I know the answer is Yes and Amen through the blood of Jesus.
Interview Company: I wait for a callback, HOPING that the answer is yes.
Heaven: I know it is real, I know I get to go, I know it is "soon"
Interview Company: I imagine what the job COULD be like, IF I get it, and "soon" could possibly never materialize.
Heaven: A reality that sometimes gets pushed to the back of my mind since it's been so ingrained in me from a small age. So out of my realm of comprehension, that I sometimes don't try to understand the intricacies.
Interview Company: Rarely forgotten. I wait and long for an answer. I ache for that reality to be true. I imagine myself behind a desk and within their walls. I daydream about my life there.

The HOPE and ANTICIPATION I feel for this job is funny and almost sad when compared to the GLORY and TRUE HOPE I can and should have for heaven. I'm so thankful that the Lord stirred my heart to show me the misplaced affections and longings I've been carrying. To make me realize how laughable aching for a JOB is in comparison to aching for ETERNITY and my true home. Don't get me wrong-praying in faith for a job is still okay--but placing my hope and energy in the one that answers prayers is worth more time!! Re-directing my affections towards the Savior of the world and His return!


  1. okay, this is EXACTLY what the Lord is teaching me right now... and I was getting ready to write a post about it. what a wonderful and convicting realization! thanks for sharing this. :)

  2. WooHoo! You are an awesome student. isn't God a great Teacher?! Great words of encouragement, Anna!

  3. Well written Anna doll. So very true!