Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A snapshot.

Roy Hession, We Would See Jesus
This book is rocking my world. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a solid read. More than anything, I love that it's making me think and pointing me to Jesus. The book talks about one thing commonly missing in faith stories today is an ardent passion to see God. Talks about how we see people pursuing holiness with the desire to do service FOR God, rather than pursuing holiness to SEE God. Also talks about how we pursue this great feeling or experience with God rather than God himself. "Both these ends fall utterly short of the great end that God has designed for man, that of glorifying Him forever. They fail to satisfy God's heart and they fail to satisfy ours." 

All About Worship Collective 

For a bigger heart for this city. 
For God's eyes to be given to me to see Des Moines as He does. 
For the politicians and authorities of this country. 
For the health of my nieces and nephews and their safety in making it home soon -- for my sister's baby girl to be born and my brother's kids to make it through the grueling adoption process. 

Eager expectation for what God is doing with the young professional demographic at Westwind Church. 
Thankful for the stirring in my soul to CARE more for people around me. 
Needy- realizing how quickly I place my worth or daily temperament in feedback or praise from people. Seeking to turn my eyes upward to the One who can and will fulfill every desire and need if my heart. 
Vulnerable because I'm happy. There's seemingly so much more to lose when you're soaring. The blessing and curse of being a passionate person that feels deeply. 

In seeing new parts of Des Moines - via bicycle, kayak, car. ALL SORTS of ways. 
In making new friends. 
In sharing the day to day joys with co-workers and family. 
In loving life. 
In having so much that I have been delighting in that I don't know where to start. 
In fall quickly approaching. 
In Trader Joe's simmer sauces. No really- they are SO GOOD. Go make a curry - I dare you. 



  1. Yay! So excited for more cupcakes and CG and kitchen chats with you!! (notice I did not list anything REMOTELY athletic)

    So happy and blessed b/c you're in DM!

    1. I love our kitchen chats! So thankful for you.