Monday, April 2, 2012

How is it April?

Oh wait. I KNOW how it's April.

February is a short month - so no explanation needed for no post in February.
Highlights of the month were landing the job I've been waiting and waiting for and my valentine's girl date with my friend Lauren.

March -- well. March just FLEW by. I started my job on February 27th. It has been a whirlwind so far. Like drinking water from a fire hydrant. There's SO much to learn, and everyone is SO BUSY. I'm trying to take as much in as I can. Another highlight of March was hearing that my brother and his wife FINALLY got their referrals for their babies. I will be an aunt! Praying for process to fly by so those babies can be home with their mom and dad.

Things I'm learning:
 - I am a huge perfectionist at work. I HATE not knowing how to do things and HATE having to ask for help or feel like a bother to my co-workers.
 - Community takes time. I had the chance to go to a wedding last weekend for some sweet friends that were in my Ames Connection Group. I hadn't realized that I was lonely living in West Des Moines until I spent time around the people that make me feel the most alive. Leaving felt empty. I'm ready to dig in and find community in WDM.
 -  I've missed traveling. A LOT. I got to go to Orlando for a week for work and LOVED every second of it. I came back exhausted physically, but excited. So ready to travel for FUN or extend a work trip. Exhilarated about the thought.

So. I'm trying really hard at work, but realizing that I can only do what I can do. I cannot set unrealistic expectations for myself to be able to do everything perfectly right away. I need to give myself grace. I need to do my BEST, but not expect to know everything. I'm trying out connection groups at the new church I've been going to. Trying to find the right fit. To find a place where I can do life with people and seek Jesus together.

For now. Seeking Jesus. Trusting in Him day by day. Reminded every time that I panic about work that He is in control. And every time that I start to freak out about the tasks at hand, I'm denying that God's got it under control. Fully and completely. 

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  1. Love you, Anna. Thanks for sharing your journey. You go, girl. Life is your mission field in all ways. Enjoy it it!!