Monday, September 6, 2010

Where's my parachute??

I'm laughing at the fact that I titled my last post "jump". I definitely feel like I jumped and am now in the free-fall stomach hurtling stage of horror that ensues. The water or pillow or parachute hasn't quite come into effect yet...but I'm confident that it will. 

I started my job two weeks ago. The job is insanely stressful and busy right now, but I think it will be good once I get going. This is the phase where I put my nose to the grind and work my tail off so I can reap the rewards down the road. I still don't feel like I live here...since I just moved into my apartment on Saturday morning. My parents came up from Ames with a U-Haul and my stuff to get me moved in. My sister came up from Lafayette to help as well. Stress levels were soaring all weekend (mostly coming from me-work, life and not being settled made me in to quite a pill). I'm so thankful for family that loves me unconditionally and wants to help even when I'm being impossible. 

I think I will love my apartment. It's tiny, but cozy. Initially I was pretty bummed when I saw the size of it--but once I got my stuff in, I really started to love it. It took us quite a bit of furniture shuffling to get the apartment to feel homey. Let's try moving the loveseat over THERE (that won't work. why are you suggesting that?), just TRUST me, TRY IT! With all of our ideas combined, we were able to get a great set up going. 

My biggest hope is that I can get plugged into community quickly. There are a ton of great churches around here--I just want to find the one that fits for this stage of life. I've tried one and am planning to try another new one next week. I think especially with the high stress of a new city and new job, community is essential.


  1. Good luck. It gets way easier very quickly.

  2. Just a quick bit of wisdom.....unless the Holy Spirit alerts you to it teaching heresy, try a church at least 4x in a row before poo-poo-ing it. Will give you a good feel for it that way. Promise. I pray you find a good fit quickly and get plugged in. As soon as you find a church, start's the quickest way to find community. xoxo