Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A new season

He is calling me to trust.
Completely. Fully. Painfully. Freely. RECKLESSLY.

And it's terrifying. I walk the tightrope between giddy excitement for what's to come and racking sobs fearing the reality of everything I'm leaving behind.

Leaving Biblical community and authentic relationships complete with HARD accountability.
Leaving job security with a great company.
Leaving co workers that love me and have become my family for the 50+ hrs we're together a week
Leaving the south where sunny weather and beauty surrounds me daily

He has promised great things. He is undoubtedly calling me. He is faithful to answer prayers. My prayer is that the cries of my heart and soul join with the will of God. Praying in hope for what is to come.
I'm praying to be led to the right church, a steady job where my passions and gifts can be utilized, a neighborhood where I can flourish and have meaningful relationships. I rest in knowing that I would not be called away from community, deep love, relationships, and Austin unless there were GREAT things to come. That I am not LEAVING these relationships, rather the dynamics of them are changing. The peace in my soul would not be there unless he had already prepared a place for me, a community for me to join, a new church to serve in.

So yes, I'm walking away from this season in Austin, Texas, but I'm stepping into an adventure. One that will take me closer to my family. One where I get to see the Lord display HIS glory by making me lay down my idols of security and fame - to let his GREATNESS be my story. I'm going to pack everything I can into my Chevy Malibu and drive away--all the way up I-35 to the snowy tundra. Final destination? Good question. Most likely Minneapolis, MN, Des Moines, IA or Ames, IA.

I'm excited for the amazing story that the Author of the universe is writing for me...like you, I have NO IDEA what's next!


  1. Reckless Abandon...a true story. Love your willingness to trust God in this uncertain time. Every season has it's purpose, every calling its reason. Breathe, and enjoy every day he gives...wherever that may be! Loving and praying for you! Remember, "What the Lord calls, He establishes!"

  2. I did basically the same thing in August and it's been an awesome journey! Good luck and can't wait to read about your adventures! :)

  3. I will miss you greatly but know you will be so happy with your family and friends. Will you mail me some snow?