Monday, June 14, 2010

Dive In

Aren't insecurities funny? Something as awesome as being asked to write a guest post on my friend Elora's blog made me all nervous. I was like--she's an ENGLISH teacher. Her writing is PHENOMENAL. She's writing a book and it's SO AMAZING. Her blog has people all over the country reading it. Why would she want ME to write?

But you know what? SHE DID! What an honor! And with the encouragement of my English teaching sister, I DID write a post! It's called Dive In. When I asked what I should write about, Elora told me that her blog is about story. However I interpret having an authentic story. 

Read my post on Elora's Blog
Fall in love Elora and her husband through their love story
Add her to your blog roll. Her writing will rock your world. The reason she asked me to write is because she's on short term mission trip to Kenya with Reagan High School Students. PRAY FOR THEM. Pray for hearts changed, Kenyans and Americans. I know that she will continue to have a bold voice and beautiful stories to weave -- don't miss reading them first hand!

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