Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blue Eyed Girl

I earned a comp day from our team production in May--and my last day is June 18th. SO, I had a whopping 10 work days to choose from to use my comp day. I decided on Wednesday the 9th. My day off was amazing. JUST what the doctor ordered. Spent the night at old school style with my friend Shaylee on Tuesday night. Woke up to summer rain pitter pattering on the roof.  No alarm set in the morning, just SLEPT. Had a leisurely morning writing a guest post for my friend Elora's blog (it should be published next week sometime). Went to lunch with another dear friend, Katie (she MIGHT enter the blogging world, get excited! ** EDIT, she started it! Link included), at Kerbey Lane. Spent a good hour or two at Half Price Books. Then stopped at Sonic's Happy Hour for my standard Diet Cherry Limeade. Went back to Shaylee's and made dinner with her. We just rested and loved and ate and drank and talked. It was perfect.

My friend Kristen once pointed out to me that when I'm happy, my eyes are VERY blue. Yesterday was a happy day.

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  1. You heard it first, LiveLoveLyke is up and running! You've inspired me :)

    I love you!