Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Are you a Freshman?

Hello friends.
It's been almost a month.

I survived round one of exams. I'm enjoying my classes (well, some of them). The being back in school thing is entertaining--most people think I'm a freshman. I think it's the long hair and being in mostly freshman/sophomore classes. The sophomores haven't seen me before so they assume I'm a freshman. I just take it as it is. The best was a standing by the bus conversation with a guy from one of my classes. He was telling me how people think he's 17 all the time etc, working on getting the sympathy vote. I kind of smiled and said, oh-yeah, sometimes that happens to me too.
Him: Oh-yeah. You're a freshman, right?
Me: No.
Him: Junior?
Me: eh, it's complicated.
Him: long pause...how old are you (emphasis on the OLD)?
Me: 24.
Him: whoaaaa.
Oh freshman boy...you're funny.

I still cheer for Purdue. Only Purdue. 

I've starting helping with 180, the Junior High ministry at Cornerstone Church. Volunteering there has been SO MUCH FUN. Highlights have been a 6th grade lock-in, learning a morale dance, and eating chocolate cupcakes (see previous post) with my 7th grade girls. I'm getting to pour into Jr Highers (and see if that really is the age I want to teach someday) and meet a ton of other people around my age that are serving as well. I'm in a connection group with other leaders and am thriving with going deeper with these new friends.

The Lord has been reminding me of his goodness, provision, and faithfulness. Loving me through new friends and my family. Smiling down on me with sunny days. Speaking through his word.

So to my friends that wanted to know, how's Iowa? It's great. It's really really great. 

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