Monday, November 15, 2010


I have not loved my job.
I no longer have said job.
I never thought I'd be 'let go' and leave SMILING!

Headed home to Iowa for a few weeks to decompress and ponder what's next for life. Leaning towards going back to school for middle school english education, high school guidance counseling or library science.

Pretty sure I'm done with Corporate America for a while. Ready to have my soul come alive again. I feel like skydiving/cliff jumping is my new hobby. Well, I guess this time around it's more being shoved out of the plane and figuring out the chute on the way down. Pray for clarity on which chute to pull?


  1. I so think you'd make a GREAT HS guidance counselor! Your sweet spirit, along with your knowledge of the Lord (I know you can't mention His name in most public schools), will bring so much love to where it's needed most. xoxo

  2. I can totally picture you doing any of the above! I admire your tenacity and honesty with yourself and others! Keep on searching girlie and you will find !