Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm a movie star!

Well. I'm not REALLY a movie star. It just seems like it.

Have you ever seen the movie Facing the Giants? I love that movie for a multitude of reasons.
  1. Who can resist a high school football thriller?
  2. It's a nice movie. No raunchiness. No crude language. It's a nice breather from the bleepity bleeping that I feel like happens so often.
  3. There are characters in the movie that remind me of people that I know--the teacher that prayed for students in high school, the friend or aunt that has infertility problems, the families with drama.
My one qualm is the fact that EVERYTHING turns out okay in the movie. I mean EVERYTHING. I think sometimes we get fed the lie that if you're a real Christian and are 'right with God', life will be easy. Or life will suddenly just be hunky dory. If you pray hard enough ALL sickness will be gone from your body, or a job will magically appear even though no applications have been filled out.

So now you wonder why I brought it up? I feel like I'm living in a Baptist made for TV movie. Everything seems to be going my way. Seriously everything. 
  • I got in to Iowa State.
  • I got approved for in state residency (even though my last two tax returns have been in Texas and I've lived in Chicago for 3 of the past 5 months). 
  • I got into all 7 classes on my "wish list" including one that had a 12 person wait list. The registrar's office did an override to put me in since I seemed like I "cared" more than the waitlisted people. 
  • I checked my university bill to see how much I owed and saw that I had been granted financial aid for over half of my tuition. That meant I was able to pay for all of my tuition and books on my savings--I only have to get a part time job if I want to, not out of necessity. 
  • God had put some amazing women in my life here in Ames. FRIENDS. Sweet sweet friends. ALREADY! What a blessing.  
The new path has been forged: I'm going back to school to get my teaching certification in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Tomorrow's my first day! I've definitely got the whole freshman jitters thing going on. My bro jokingly told me to just give my fears to God. Drew was so right. His eye is on the sparrow--and clearly on me as well. He's got my back. He has moved mountains on my behalf. He's already claimed victory over death at Calvary. He can help me find my classrooms. He can do all things. I really hate first days. I don't have my first day outfit picked out yet. Well. That's kind of a lie. I HAD it picked out, but I ended up wearing it for church instead. I guess I could wear it again. I don't know anyone in my classes...they'd never know. Muaha.


  1. SO absolutely excited for this new journey of yours, Anna!! {and maybe a little jealous :)} YAY!!!! :D

  2. so...update: the movie I'm starring in isn't a Baptist movie afterall. My financial aid got revoked--so not everything turned out okay! oh well. And thanks Kelsey! I'm very excited.

  3. Sounds amazing! so fun to see the journey you're on:) God is faithful.