Monday, July 12, 2010

Reading Rainbow

What have I been doing for the last week? We took a family vacation to Innsbrook, Missouri via It was GREAT!

Reading. Resting. Playing Cards. Eating (probably too much of this). Sitting by the lake. Swimming. Enjoying Family. Applying for jobs.

I thought I'd take you on a tour of the literary adventure I went on during my vacation. I can't help but sing:
  1. Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins- found in the Young Adult section, these fast paced adventure books are reminiscent of The Giver in that they are quick reads with more insight than most adult fiction. Very enjoyable and easy to read. I'm eagerly awaiting the third book that comes out in August! 
  2. Brain Surgeon by Keith Black - A biography about a neurosurgeon. I love hearing stories/watching movies etc about medicine (admitted Grey's Anatomy lover, old school ER and Rescue 911 watcher)-so this was the inside track. I got to go inside the operating room with Dr Black and hear the stories of patients that had great successes and great heartaches. This book made me want to read more biographies/autobiographies. Bonus-it's pretty short. Quick read.
  3. Suddenly by Barbara Delinsky - Fiction novel about a small town doctor and her practice. Things run amuck in the town-the story of her dealing with tragedy and life in general. It was okay. Fine to read once, not dying to ever read it again. 
  4. The Help by Kathryn Stockett - Thank you to Elora and my sister Ellen for recommending this! Great read-the pace is pleasant as it takes you through three different narrators' versions of the life in Jackson, MS during the civil rights era. Highly recommended. 
  5. The Crazy School by Cornelia Read - Bleck. Nothing special. I had to finish it because of my unwritten "I'm over halfway done with it darnit" rule. Over dramatized and hokey. Don't bother. I do have to give credit to whoever designed the jacket and the synopsis--it got me hooked! 
  6. World Without End by Ken Follett - sequel to Pillars of the Earth. I LOVE THESE BOOKS. They take you on a beautiful journey through decades of family drama and strife. On top of that, Follett paints pictures with words of the architecture that both books are based around. Based on his magnificent and detailed descriptions, I figured out that one of the cathedrals I visited when I lived in the UK was one of two that the author based his fictional "Kingsbridge Cathedral" on. Both of these books have some graphic descriptions/scenes, but overall I think they are important for the tone of the book and complete character development. 
  7. Gifts of War by Mackenzie Ford - stand alone novel based on WW1. Classic story of boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy goes to war, girl falls in love with new boy while boy 1 is gone etc. Enjoyable, but not particularly memorable. 
Vacation was great. Anyone have book recommendations for me? Sell me on your favorites! I have a lot of time on my hands.

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